A Guide to Dog Friendly Trails in Vancouver


man on mountain bike riding with dog on leash


Hitting the trails with your dog, by bike or by foot, is a great bonding experience to have together. Luckily in Vancouver we have a lot of dog friendly hikes to try. On the majority of dog-friendly hiking trails your dog will still be expected to be on-leash but there are some to let them roam free. This is still something you should carefully consider though, Vancouver's outside is very wild and keeping your dog close helps to keep them safe.

Here are some of our favourite dog friendly hikes in Vancouver:


1. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a great starter park for young pups or relaxing walk for older dogs of all sizes. Perfect to visit year-round because the forest canopy will protect you both from the rain with a choice of both on and off leash trails.


2. Dog Mountain

Dog on mountain top

Ok, so we HAD to include this one! It's a relatively short hike without too much elevation with a reward of epic views of Vancouver and beyond when you get to the top. Bring your leash as all trails in Mount Seymour Provincial Park are on-leash. 


3. Mystery Lake

Does your dog love swimming? We have just the hike for you! Mystery Lake is a challenging 45 minute hike with a lot of elevation but it's no mystery what you find at the end...a cooling glacial lake to cool off in! 


4. Cypress Falls

Cypress Falls Park is a stunning hike with old-growth trees, waterfalls, and lots of opportunity for wildlife spotting. It's an easy hike at low elevation so you and your dog can hike here in tranquility year round. There's even an off-leash section of the park for good boys.


5. Lynn Loop

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park

The Lynn Loop trail is located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park on Vancouver's North Shore. There are lots of hiking trails to choose from in the park, long and short, challenging and less so, but our favourite is the Lynn Loop. On this trail you'll walk around emerald pools of water, along suspension bridges and beneath lush greenery, so there will be lots of sniffing opportunities for furry friends. 


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