LGBTQ+ Environmentalists to follow on Instagram this Pride Month

Pride month is almost here and it's a great time to celebrate the LGBTQ2+ community and give props to the activists and organizations that can inspire us all to do our part and be better. While we commemorate the struggles and joys of the LGBTQ2+ community, we also need to recognize and celebrate activists who are trailblazing the path to a better planet. 

Because climate change is an LGBTQ2+ issue. While everyone will feel the effects of climate change, it will be felt differently by everyone differently.  Some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change are those without stable housing which statistically includes a large population of LGBTQ2+ people. 

Here are some of our favourite LGBTQ2+ Environmentalists to follow: 

1. Pattie Gonia 


Pattie Gonia is an environmentalist drag queen on a mission to build a more inclusive climate movement. Using her Instagram following she helps to create safe and inclusive communities of LGBTQ2+ people and their allies who love nature and are committed to protecting it. 


2. Jamie Margolin


Jamie Margolin is the Founder of Zero Hour - a youth-led movement preparing the next generation of climate activists and organizers. She is also the author of Youth to Power the essential guide to changemaking for young people.


3. Pinar Sinopoulos-Lloyd


Pınar is an award-winning Indigenous multi-species futurist, mentor, consultant and eco-philosopher; co-founder of Queer Nature, an “organism” stewarding earth-based queer community through ancestral skills, interspecies relations and rites of passage. Pınar is the founder of @indigequeers; founding Council Member of Intersectional Environmentalist; trans ambassador of Native Womens Wilderness; and a founding member of Diversify Outdoors coalition. 


4. Isaias Hernandez 


Isaias Hernandez, also known under their Instagram moniker @queerbrownvegan where he creates introductory forms of environmentalism through colourful graphics, illustrations, and videos. He seeks to provide a safe space for like-minded environmentalists to advance the discourse around the climate crisis.