Zero Waste Dog Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren't Trashy

Halloween is a fun and spooky time of year as all the family, including your dog, come together to dress up, trick or treat, and enjoy the thrills of the season. Besides all the ghouls and witches, did you know one of the spookiest things about Halloween is the amount of waste it creates!

Every year, an estimated 35 million Halloween costumes are thrown away, the majority are the cheap, disposable plastic kind - which makes the equivalent of 415 million plastic bottles thrown away, probably on November 1st.

It's easy to assume that plastic waste is sent for recycling and made into cool recycled plastic products like we make at Wanderruff. However, only 10% of plastic recycling ever makes it as far as being recycled into new products, so we should all be making more of an effort to stop it at the source.

With the following DIY dog Halloween costume ideas, you can be sure to come up with an eco-friendly costume that your dog will love and will get used for many Halloweens to come!


Fluffin' Spooky Dog Ghost

If you're just doin' it for the 'gram then this easy ghost costume is for you! We all have old sheets hanging around that would love a new lease of life as a ghoulish dog Halloween costume. Perfect for the dogs who won't wear a costume for more than a minute anyway!


Dog Martini

Dog martini; shaken not purred. Pull out an old cone from past vet visits and with some easy DIY you can make paper or felt olives made from old jumpers. Garnishing up your cone to an easy dog Halloween costume made completely from things you had around the house.


Beanie Baby

For the less craft-inclined, this 90s beanie baby costume is the perfect 5 minute craft for you! Break down a box, paint on the TY logo, tie it onto your dog's collar with some string and you are ready to go!


Send Snoods

Why not make something fun that your dog can wear for the rest of winter too? A cute crocheted hat or snood is a fun project for dog parents who want to get hands-on this Halloween. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own dog snood. Not only can you customize it to make it a cute dog Halloween costume, but for short-haired dogs like pitties and beagles it will keep them toasty (and looking adorable!) until next year.


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